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How Hypnotherapy Can Help To Overcome Your Phobias, Fears And Trauma?

We all deserve to live a life without limits, free from fears and phobias. It might be human nature to avoid the things that scare us and from the emotions that arise but you can become a prisoner to the fears and phobias and deny yourself the joy and satisfaction from meeting challenges and opportunities to personal growth and happiness. And you can’t hide forever as it will come for you, probably when you least expect it.

The good news is that once you face your fear rather than simply push it away, it begins to lose its power and hold over you and your life.

Whatever your fears may be - public speaking, flying, heights, spiders, escalators (the list can be endless!) - our fears and phobias places limits on us and can ultimately compromise our quality of life. Clinical hypnosis can be very effective in making quick and long lasting changes to your life. It can quickly interrupt our negative thought patterns that result in the fear or phobia and quickly helps to form new thought patterns from fear and phobia and positive behaviours with new associations. 

Trauma can lead to always being in a state of high anxiety and in a continual flight, flight or freeze response. This can be distressing, overwhelming and hold us in a strong emotional grip. EMDR is a type of therapy that helps to overcome all types of trauma. It changes the way we process the physical, emotional and psychological effects related to a traumatic event and helps disarm our fears and negative thoughts around the trauma through a series of lateral eye movements, tapping or sound while you create the picture of pain and danger that most disturbs you the most.


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