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What is Career Coaching?

As so much of our lives and, for many of us, our identities, are aligned with work we deserve it to be something we enjoy and get satisfaction from. But what if work is no longer fulfilling or satisfying? If it makes you unhappy it may well be affecting other aspects of your life; your relationships, your social life and your mental and physical health. Or maybe you want more guidance on where to go next in your career? Career coaching is a great option.


We blend occupational psychology, which is the science of mind and behaviour, and align it to identify your work preferences and working style. We provide an evidence-based understanding of how you think, feel and behave to support your career development. We undertake psychometric tests and assessments to identify your personality type, your work preferences, your personal strengths and development areas.


We help you to:

  • Improve your career progression and overcome feelings of being “stuck”

  • Understand your perfect career, explore options and positioning yourself

  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles

  • Understand your strengths and development areas

  • Setting goals and planning

  • CV preparation to get you noticed

  • Interview and assessment centre practice and preparation.


Career coaching is a standalone modality to simply focus on your working preferences and working styles to help you achieve your next career move. It is a strong and powerful solution to help you overcome your personal challenges and discover what your own personal career "best" might be.



Watch a short video explaining how life coaching can help to cope with unwanted behaviour, reduce stress and anxiety. 

Your Life Coaching Circle


  • 20 minute complimentary and confidential session to briefly explore the issue and agree next steps

  • Psychometric / occupational tests sent in advance for you to complete

  • 1-1.5 hour career coaching sessions (the number of sessions depend on the client and their issue) either face to face or Skype

  • Unlimited email support

  • 15-30 minute check in calls every 2 to 3 months after coaching has completed to review progress and reset as needed.

Get in touch and get help


Over years of practice we have helped many clients to turn their lives around 

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